The St Andrew’s Ball
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The Swinging Sporran Reel Guide £16
Andrew Campbell & Roddy Martine

A light-hearted guide to the basic steps of Scottish reels and country dances. REVISED EDITION.
Including the guide to The Scottish Season

Sporran Reminder Booklet £2
CD1 The Cavendish Dance Band £18

Arrangements for sets of five

Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh*
Reel of 51st Division
Duke of Perth
Scottish Reform
Dashing White Sergeant
Hamilton House
Inverness Country Dance*

*encores to alternative tunes

CD2 The Black Watch Band & Frank Reid Band £18

A re-issue of The Black Watch with additional music by Frank Reid who plays regularly at St Andrew's Ball

Arrangements for sets of five

Mari's Wedding
Waltz Country Dance
Strip the Willow
Machine without Horses
Duke & Duchess of Edinburgh
Hamilton House
National Anthem
Postie's Jig*
Gay Gordons*
Duke of Perth
Reel of 51st Division
John Reel (Gallop)

*encores to different tunes

CD3 Eton College Pipe Band 2000 (33 minutes) £5
Standard Dance Card per 100 £20
Dance Card Pencils blue, red or green per 100 £28
Clan Tartan Playing Card single £5 or double pack £10

Postage/Packing UK/Europe per order £2

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